Frequently asked Questions

- What is the maritime regulations in the area of the West Indies ?
Warning! The lighting system conforms to Area B (USA) and is therefore reversed to that of Zone A (Europe). For the rest, maritime regulations is the same as in Europe.

- What is the local climate ?
The climate is tropical but tempered by trade winds. Temperatures range from 25 ° C in January to 32 ° C in September. The water temperature varies from 26 ° C in January to 29 ° C in September. The hurricane season begins June 30 and ends Nov. 30. The trade winds are generally lower in this period.

- What are the formalities to meet ?

Martinique and Guadeloupe are French departments, French citizens, European and Swiss must simply have a national identity card or passport. Minors must have permission to leave the country.
If you want to exit the French islands, a valid passport is required. You must pay customs formalities before leaving Martinique, as well as arrival and departure of each island you visit. A fee will be required on strange islands.

- What currency to use and where to change money ?
The French islands of the Lesser Antilles not use the EC dollar (East Caribbean dollar).
Currently, 1 € = $ 3.51 EC Follow the link to access a discounted rate:
Vending machines are in use near the scene of duty. The euro and U.S. dollar are also accepted everywhere.

- What to put in the bag ?
First, choose the bags to the bags because they are easier to store in the boat. Given the climate, no need to cap or scarf! The bathing suits and summer clothing will do. Still expect a raincoat in case of grain shipping. Remember sunscreen, hats and mosquito repellent lotion!
Bedlinen and towels await you on board. There are also fins, masks and snorkels standard size.

-How organize the provisioning ?
You can do your shopping when you arrive in Martinique in the various supermarkets in the island (you'll find Ed, Champion, Leader Price, the local market of Marin).
You can also order provisioning on one of the specialized sites for this purpose and have it delivered directly to the boat:

Appro Zagaya

Carrefour Marin

- Can I use the phone and internet access ?

Your phone will work while roaming on the islands of the Caribbean. Some moorings offer wifi internet access directly onto the boat. Otherwise, all islands have internet connections.

- How to charge batteries for electric ?
The boat is equipped with a converter 220V/300Watts. You can easily connect your electronics and other battery chargers.

- Getting the boat from the airport ?
We can arrange your transfer from airport to Marin. In this case, let us know your flight number, date of arrival, arrival time and the number of people.
If not most rental car companies offer their service to the airport and the marina of Marin.